First Trip to the Zoo!


Jake was super excited to take his first trip to the Zoo. We got some memberships a few weeks ago, but Kristen said we had to all go together for his first trip… or else!  🙂

We finally got a free day on Saturday October 30 and joined the crowd of costumed kids. Jake did really well as his mommy carried him around to see the animals. Some of his favorites were the Giraffe, Elephants, Monkeys and of course the CHEETAH! Seriously, the Cheetah show was pretty amazing. They actually let them run… just breath taking to see in person.

We were so excited to have Emily join us for the day. Jake loves his Aunt Em! She is taking classes at the Zoo now, so we got lots of great facts and info on the animals. She also knew her way around which was a big bonus.

I finally got to use my new camera lens… hope you enjoy the pics!

[nggallery id=21]

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