Jake and the Docs


Jacob got to hang out with lots of Doctors today… in a good way of course. First, he had his one month doctor visit to his Pediatrician, Dr. Hickey. Jake weighed in at 7lbs 6oz at his one week apointment so we were excited to see how he was doing now. We were all shocked though when we saw the scale say 9lbs 13oz!!! The kid sure is eating and doing very well. He also grew an inch and is great shape all around. He did have to get a shot… still doesn’t like those all that much. But he shook it off like a champ and was smiling again in no time. What a great little guy he is.

That evening, Dr. Mike and Lynn McClellan came to visit. Not only did they visit, but they got to feed Jacob too. Mike and Lynn showed they still have skills as he ate the entire bottle without a lot of fuss. Those two are always teaching us!

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